Salisbury Pond Dredging Feasibility Study

The City of Worcester Department of Public Works and Parks hired Weston & Sampson to develop a Dredging Feasibility Study for Salisbury Pond. This approximately 16-acre pond is city owned and located adjacent to Institute Park in Worcester, Massachusetts. The watershed for the pond encompasses more than 14,000 acres of mostly urban developed land. Waters from the watershed drain into the pond from three inputs. This has resulted in significant infilling caused by the accumulation of large quantities of sediment over the course of many decades, within Salisbury Pond. The Feasibility Study evaluated the following criteria to determine if dredging is a feasible alternative for improving ecological qualities and recreation value within Salisbury Pond and surrounding areas: sediment quantity and quality, ecological impacts, dredging logistics, disposal and permitting schedules, project costs and present funding opportunities. Salisbury Pond presents an ideal situation to use dredging as a remedial method as it is located near an urban center, located within a Public Park, and is accessed by a large population for recreational uses.