Future Plans

A number of pressing concerns for Institute Park focus on the state of Salisbury Pond. Unrealized goals for the pond and the park include:

  • treating Salisbury Pond to rid it of an infestation of water chestnut growth that threatens to turn the pond into a marsh;
  • securing the release of state environmental bond monies to help cleanse Salisbury Pond;
  • dredging Salisbury Pond to rid it of industrial and naturally-occurring pollutants and other impediments to the free-flow of fresh water such as phragmites, duckweed, cattails, and phosphorus; and
  • erecting enhanced signage at the corner of Salisbury Street and Park Avenue to inform the large number of people who pass through that intersection about activities in the park and in the neighborhood. New signage will be designed to complement the park’s other architectural features.

Additional improvements for the park include installation of a flag pole displaying the American flag.